Many retailers know what it takes to make a brick-and-mortar store a success, but how can they apply those same principles to their website in order t...View Details

E-Commerce is a must to today’s retailer. Dillon Chen and Anthony Marotta illustrate the importance of 3 key areas of E-commerce that can improve sale...View Details

Color Rush

Color gemstones have captured the consumer’s imagination and are more popular than ever. Some varieties have had an estimated value increase of over 1...View Details

Technological advancements have revolutionized other industries and the jewelry industry is slowly adapting. Jason Yakubovich and Chris Awad from MJJ ...View Details

In today's very competitive market, no retailer wants to miss out of a sale, nor should they leave potential sales on the table! Through the telling i...View Details

Pearls are riding high on the fashion wave. Whether they’re presented in leading high-end designer collections for men, on the pages of the hottest fa...View Details

With internet sales growing, it’s more and more common for jewelers to sell their products in multiple states. At the same time, the Supreme Court’s S...View Details

Diamond Jewelry Trends

Consumer buying habits have changed recently. Sagar Manilal describes how fancy-shaped diamonds are taking a bigger piece of the sales pie and how the...View Details

Before diamond jewelry reaches a retailer in order to be sold, it typically travels a long supply chain, passing through many hands and companies. Urm...View Details

The Importance of Images

Kye Ehrlich discusses how in our modern world many sales happen online where a retailer has little opportunity to interact with a customer directly. P...View Details

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