The concept of companies being environmentally and socially responsible is not new, but it’s becoming even more important to consumers. Michael West, ...View Details

Outsource Your Ecommerce

With online representing an ever-growing part of total sales, how can a retailer maximize this increasingly important sector? On behalf of Plumb Club ...View Details

Whatever your feelings, lab-grown diamonds are here, at retail, to stay. Often retailers worry that this new category may harm or cannibalize their na...View Details

Jewelry as Activism

Today’s jewelry consumer wants to know that the brands that they support, align with their values of inclusiveness, empowerment and giving back, makin...View Details

Among younger consumers, sustainability is a huge consideration when buying diamonds, ranking on par with both price and design. On behalf of KP Sangh...View Details

The growth of awareness of lab-grown diamonds among consumers has been remarkable, with 80% of consumers saying they have heard and know about lab-gro...View Details

Many retailers know what it takes to make a brick-and-mortar store a success, but how can they apply those same principles to their website in order t...View Details

E-Commerce is a must to today’s retailer. Dillon Chen and Anthony Marotta illustrate the importance of 3 key areas of E-commerce that can improve sale...View Details

Color Rush

Color gemstones have captured the consumer’s imagination and are more popular than ever. Some varieties have had an estimated value increase of over 1...View Details

Technological advancements have revolutionized other industries and the jewelry industry is slowly adapting. Jason Yakubovich and Chris Awad from MJJ ...View Details

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