Heather Zachary Rogoff and Melissa Berry take listeners through the art of writing an effective press release and how it differs from writing a media ...View Details

Brian Lazar gives insight into the “myths” of advertising and the reality of what the tactic can and can’t do. He explains advertising goals and how a...View Details

Monica Elias illustrates that getting to know your customers and creating a continuous stream of relevant content can not only keep your store top of ...View Details

Pam Levine, Brand Experience Specialist, President of Levine Luxury Branding, presents Retail Reinvigoration- Visual merchandising tips that stimulate...View Details

Kevin Reilly, Vice President of Platinum Guild International, explains how having platinum in your merchandising mix can help you create customer sati...View Details

Severine Ferrari, editor and founder of Engagement 101 talks about the newest trends in the engagement ring market. Further, she will give you insight...View Details

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