Efficiency and effectiveness at the sales counter is a “must” for retailers. By simplifying the visual product and value presentation, a retailer can ...View Details

Today, internet marketing is a crucial part of the marketing mix. Unlike many historical marketing methods, internet marketing allows a retailer to tr...View Details

Today’s consumer is younger, better educated and have a different set of experiences. Therefore, they have different expectations of a shopping experi...View Details

As a result of the February 2022 invasion of the Ukraine by Russia the US government issued sanctions against Russia and Russian owned companies. For ...View Details

Just as the saying goes, “you only have one chance to make a good impression”, so does your store. Your store’s entrance needs to fix a customer’s att...View Details

Silver has been enjoying a growing percentage in sales and a more predominant place in the product mix at retail. On behalf of Plumb Club Member Samue...View Details

Your Brand as Archetype

A question foremost in the minds of many retailers is, “How can I capture the eyes and hearts of today’s younger, savvy shopper?” Creating a brand tha...View Details

Today’s consumers want to be able to personalize experiences and purchases. Retailers and manufacturers are now catering to this new generation of sho...View Details

The concept of companies being environmentally and socially responsible is not new, but it’s becoming even more important to consumers. Michael West, ...View Details

Outsource Your Ecommerce

With online representing an ever-growing part of total sales, how can a retailer maximize this increasingly important sector? On behalf of Plumb Club ...View Details

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