Cheryl Kremkow provides expert advice on how to connect with customers using the power of storytelling. She takes you through five different types of ...View Details

Jiji Lee highlights how investing in your digital marketing is now “a must” for retailers – spotlighting evolving consumer shopping habits and discuss...View Details

Monica McDaniel takes you through the rich history of created gems from their origins in the early 1800's to today. She provides you an understanding ...View Details

Jeffrey Cohen gives a insiders look at the current consumer diamond demand when it comes to engagement rings. He provides knowledge and insight. acros...View Details

Kristie Nicolosi helps listeners understand the differences between cleaning and disinfecting. She provides great ideas on why and how stores should t...View Details

Marketing leader Mark Hanna showcases how companies who demonstrate responsible practices have a competitive advantage - specifically with Gen Z and M...View Details

Journalist, writer, and media personality Barbara Palumbo provides 10 Tips to help retailers strengthen their social media presence and gain traction!...View Details

Author, retail consultant and sales-trainer Kate Peterson provides insights on how the evolution of consumer behavior has been drastically accelerated...View Details

Heather Zachary Rogoff and Melissa Berry take listeners through the art of writing an effective press release and how it differs from writing a media ...View Details

Brian Lazar gives insight into the “myths” of advertising and the reality of what the tactic can and can’t do. He explains advertising goals and how a...View Details

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