In today’s competitive marketplace a savvy retailer sets himself apart from competition. Sam Sandberg points out that a key component of differentiati...View Details

Consumers have a new appreciation and desire for something different. This makes contemporary metal bands a significant growth opportunity for the ind...View Details

Today, consumers are coming into stores asking about lab-grown diamonds! Cora Lee Colaizzi and Tom Pautz discuss how lab-grown diamonds are inspiring ...View Details

Digital First

What does digital first mean? Barbara Garces and Regina Fiedel help the listener understand what a digital-first mindset is and how it is applied. The...View Details

James Schneider highlights a variety of ways that the jewelry industry has changed in recent times. He encourages businesses to review how they’ve ada...View Details

Automating Jewelry

Ryan Hakimi explains how automation and technology can enhance a retail-buyers experience and positively impact a retailer’s overall business. He prov...View Details

Jordan Peck and Sara Strauss give expert tips on how a retailer can build a promotional, advertising and social media calendar by capitalizing on init...View Details

Dov Tannenbaum outlines “Power Partnerships”, a deepened a broadened collaboration between retailers and their manufacturing partners, yielding growth...View Details

Michael Lerche, president of The Plumb Club, speaks to Rappaport's Joshua Freeman on the future of the jewelry industry and some of the exciting and n...View Details

Brian Howard illustrates the importance of augmenting the customer experience by integrating technology into a presentation. He discusses how hologram...View Details

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