Jewelry as Activism

Today’s jewelry consumer wants to know that the brands that they support, align with their values of inclusiveness, empowerment and giving back, making the world a better place for all. How can a retail jeweler capture the attention and loyalty of the Gen Z and Millennial consumers with products and initiatives and support the social issues that inspire these consumers? Join Duvall O’Steen and Andrea Hansen, on behalf of Plumb Club Member Uni-Design as they provide United Nations research statistics and additional insights into the key purchase drivers of Gen Z and Millennials. Further, they provide tips on how retailers can craft messaging and illustrate their commitment to social issues to help attract younger consumers and develop a customer for life. Uni-Design was established in 1995 and caters to its clients around the world with dedicated diamond jewelry manufacturing facilities in India and China. They are known to create designs that become market trends.  

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